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Marseille, Nice, Mónaco, Portofino and Cinque Terre
Marseille, Nice, Mónaco, Portofino and Cinque Terre
Average Flight Price
120 £
Price per night, 5 Stars Hotel 122 £
Price per night, 4 Stars Hotel 95 £
Price per night, 3 Stars Hotel 72 £
Average price per person including
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Flight + nights stay in a star hotel / double room, is 

This is a magnificent track by one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. Getting condense all that more interesting you can see in Provence in just 7 days is no easy task. The Provence is one of those places where you can not help falling in love at first sight and want to return year after year.

A place with amazing landscapes 
Going in July or August - very hot, too many tourists and high prices.
TOTAL - 520 euros per person.
Cost equivalent travel through a travel agency - 900 euros per person. If traveling independently saves 480 euros.
Flught tickets London - Marseille
Day 1 flight or LONDON - MARSEILLE and sleep in AIX EN PROVENCE
After you collect your car hire in Marseille eroporto are about 60 kms to Aix en Provence. Aix and a charming little town, elegant and aristocratic with a beautiful tree-lined avenue, the Cours Mirabeau, beautiful hotels of the seventeenth century inserted in elegant houses and city squares seductive with bubbling fountains.
Leave the hotel at the latest at nine in the morning and enjoy the day strolling through Aix En Provence. If it is Saturday can enjoy visiting the weekly market next to City Hall. The markets here have everything you could need for the perfect picnic Provençal, choose the cheese and salami and a baguette and then store it in your backpack for later. Continue to the mall Cours Mirabeau, observe the beautiful cafes along the same and in the end find the beautiful Cathedral St. Saveur.
In the afternoon visit the Musée Granet, which has a good collection of Flemish paintings, Dutch, Italian, French and sculptures from the sixteenth to the twentieth century (including some of his own paintings François Granet), in addition to contemporary paintings upstairs.
To end the evening visit the Atelier Paul Cézanne, which will have an intimate view of the artist's life. Impressionist painter bought land here in 1901, near the end of his life, and built this studio to your exact specifications, with windows occupying the entire north wall.
Day 3 - Avignon
Aix En Provence drive up north along the road until A51/E712 deviation in Forcalquier, a medieval town nestled between the mountains of Lure and Luberon in Haute-Provence, which gives an elevated perspective on this bucolic region . After lunch continue the trip scenic road N100 until the papal city of Avignon.
Day 4 - Avignon
Avignon has examples of architecture amazingly rich, dating back to the Romans, the most sendio conheciod the Papal Palace. The papacy installed his court in Avignon at the beginning of the fourteenth century to escape ace political struggle of Rome, which made the city grow from 6000 to 30,000. The dynasty of the popes lived here, the largest Gothic palace in Europe, for over a hundred years, each adding their personal touch to architecture or interior design which did flourish and change the overall look of sober Romanesque to Gothic prepared.

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