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Persian Delights
Persian Delights
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Day 1 Tehran

Arrival in Tehran. It is likely that your flight arrives already after nightfall, so no activities are planned for this day.
Day 2 Tehran
Early in the morning we take to make a first contact with the frantic south of the Iranian capital, area less wealthy and more "authentic" city. We visited the Grand Bazaar of Tehran Imam Khomeini Mosque and before we surrender to relaxation in Shahr park nearby and have lunch at a nice café nearby. Wanting can immediately prove Dizzi perhaps the most popular Iranian dish. Spare us time to visit the Museum of the Jewellery opulent, installed in the safe where to save priceless treasures. By late afternoon, the passage in the avenue Ghandi, further north, where a courtyard full of cafes and restaurants usually the ideal place to see young liberals living, flirtando and drinking coffee. It's a good place to socialize and make contact, immediately, with the contrasts between the north and south of Tehran. The night can still finish in a tea house outdoors in mountainous areas north of Tehran, with beautiful views over the capital.
Day 3 Tehran and Kashan
Devote the whole morning to the majestic Golestan Palace, one magnificent complex that is worth visiting, at length, in the south of Tehran. In the afternoon, we collect the luggage at the hotel and caught a bus towards Kashan, a city where we expect a superb caravansary transformed into an inn in the historic center.
Day 4 Kashan and Abyaneh
Start the day with a walk through the cobbled alleys of the historical center where pontificate adobe buildings, the path of the manors of Kashan. Pay particular attention to the magnificent Khan e-Tabatabei, built in the late nineteenth century and certainly the most spectacular and photogenic Kashan, and the magnificent Sultan Mir Ahmad Hammam, from whose terrace you have a view over the historic city center. Still time for a stroll through the bazaar cared, before a frugal lunch to recharge your energies. In the afternoon, we headed to the picturesque village of Abyaneh, considered one of the most beautiful of all Iran, the characteristic reddish tones of the houses and the extraordinary colorful costuming female.
Day 5 Kashan and Esfahan
Early morning, catch a bus towards Esfahan, pearl largest Persian architecture. It is without a doubt the most seductive city of Iran, with numerous green spaces and superb buildings, palaces and mosques. Once installed in the housing tonight and after a first impression Bazaar E-Bozorh and unmatched Imam square, the rest of the day dedicated to the river Zayandeh. Followed for much photographed Bridge of 33 Arches and undertake a walk through the wooded parkland of the banks of the river to Khaju, probably the most beautiful city, erected by Shah Abbas sent. During the tour, you will be able to see that Iranian families fully enjoy the city, enjoying the green spaces for picnics, walks, gym and meetings. Probably tired, we can regroup as Iranians, taking a shower, for example, in the traditional teahouse installed outdoors in Bridge of 33 Arches. After dinner, we returned on foot to the hotel to enjoy a break on the lawn of Imam square, drinking that night ambience emblematic public space.
Day 6 Esfahan
Urban day to contemplate the architectural splendor of Esfahan, with its epicenter in the magnificent Imam Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here we visited the mosque Imam, considered by many one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and yet Ali Qapu palace, whose walls pontificate wonderful fresh and a "music room" truly unique. In the afternoon, we look at the curious Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, which has no minaret, and still have time to learn details about the tapestries and kilims of different nomadic groups in Iran (including the Bakhtiyari, who live in the mountains near Esfahan) and the famous Thumbnail artist Hossein Fallahi. For dinner, the Philip suggests that proves the famous soup-and ash reshte served in a patio colossal luxury hotel Abbasi, a former caravanserai that is worth knowing.
Day 7 Esfahan
Take the morning to visit the imposing mosque Jameh, located at the northern end bazaar E-Bozorh, not far from your accommodation, before heading to the letter the motto "In Iran, be Iranian" and may buy groceries for a picnic. That's right, let us join ourselves to the many families who daily make picnics in parks Esfahan, promoting a healthy contact with the legendary Iranian hospitality. Heart and stomach full, so we headed to the neighborhood Armenian JOLFA - the Christian quarter of Esfahan - an environment where we feel relaxed and liberal and visit Vank Cathedral. 
Day 8 Esfahan and Garmeth
Have a quiet morning in the courtyard of the magnificent guesthouse where we have installed before the long journey that awaits us. Alternatively, you can schedule any other activity nearby, like a visit to the elegant Palace Chehel Sotun, in groups or individually. By early afternoon, we caught a bus to the oasis of Garmeth, completely outside the traditional tourist routes. After a couple of big cities, will know well being a small place like Garmeth and be welcomed with the hospitality and friendliness of a local family in their hostel. The food, freshly prepared, is delicious. If Maziyar, the innkeeper, is close by, there are naturally traditional music (in ceramic pots built by himself!) In your home.
9th Garmeth
Day to explore Garmeth. In the morning we went for a short walk through the village, a place completely different from where you spent all until then. No buildings, and brown earth and clay walls dominates the landscape, dotted with palm trees near the oasis. There are dates, many dates, and a relaxed atmosphere. For those interested, there is the possibility of visiting a "salt lake" before a homemade lunch. In the afternoon, activities are also at the discretion of each: we can walk along the oasis up the hill that borders the village or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the inn; drive, there is the possibility of making a trip to Mezr, a beautiful village in the desert dunes which you can watch the sunset, the sun and dropping the night to the sound of the didgeridoo Mazyiar.
Day 10 Yazd and Garmeth
Early morning we followed a local transport for rustic Yazd, an important stop on the caravan to Central Asia and India along the Silk Road. Once installed in a traditional inn renovated with much taste, we are ready to meet the mosque Jameh and explore on foot the historical center of Yazd, consisting of a maze of narrow streets and brick houses and mud. Take special attention to badgirs the tops of houses, ingenious cooling systems invented to make livable scorching Yazd.
Day 11 Yazd
Take the morning to go aimlessly the bazaars of the old city. Appreciate the strange facade of the complex Chaqmaq Amir, know the curious Saheb A Zaman Club Zurkhaneh - which houses one of the largest water reservoir of the city - and informative Water Museum, which thoroughly explains how ingenious as the water was coming from the mountains to the city by underground channels (qanats). We visited the beautiful restaurant and Hammam-Khan, installed in the middle of the bazaar Meydan, a space that formerly functioned as a hammam, where, by the time and appetite, we can admire the space and have tea or lunch. 
Day 12 Yazd and Shiraz
Take a bus journey toward Shiraz, land of poets and the famous grape wine. Once installed in a beautiful inn's historic center, visit the citadel of Karin Khan, simple but interesting, the small museum and the amazing Pars Vakil Mosque, both in the vicinity of the citadel. We went then to the Vakil Bazaar, considered one of the best and most evocative bazaars of the country (excellent for some shopping), and where we find a traditional tea house to rest your feet and tucking the stomach. It's a good place to sample the Dizzi perhaps the most popular Iranian dish.
Day 13 Shiraz and Persepolis
Get up early to visit Persepolis, a complex of impressive ruins built by Darius "the Great" in 518 BC, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also visited the Necropolis, where four imperial tombs excavated in the rock and its reliefs form an amazing sight. After a rest, we visited the tomb of Hafez a Persian poet born in Shiraz by the Iranian people who have a deep devotion. Is the Musalla gardens and is a place of pilgrimage, very emotional, which, often, we hear recitations of poems by Hafez. For the rest of the day, time to explore one of the many parks Shiraz - Filipe suggests e-Bagh were run by the University of Shiraz and recently classified by UNESCO, a very nice frequented by young locals. Having energy, we can still visit a psychedelic mausoleum especially interesting evening.
Day 14 Shiraz and Tehran
For early risers there is the possibility of learning the game of lights elegant mosque Nasir-ol-Molk, located near where we sleep and - say the guidebooks - one of the most photographed of Iran Next, catch a domestic flight to Tehran, where we turn to install. In the afternoon go to the Museum of Contemporary Art of the capital, next to the park-and Laleh, followed the call House of Artists, the favorite of Philip in Tehran. It is a place where there are constantly exhibitions of photography, painting and other artistic manifestations of Iranian origin, in an environment frequented by people connected to the arts, cool and alternative. The path of the gallery, do not miss the opportunity to spy the few propagandistic murals that are still visible in the old American embassy (known as Den of Espionage).
15th Tehran. Return flight
The return flights leave usually Tehran at the end of the night, so it is usual we can still enjoy this day. Because it may be a Friday, the city is quieter and without the hustle and bustle of traffic, but most of the shops closed, bazar included. There is, however, a curious "flea market" that takes place every Friday in a parking lot near our hotel, after a morning visit to the small but very interesting National Museum Of Iran, there are many options to occupy the last day in Tehran, including Niavaram visit the Palace on the northern edge of the city, or Jamshidieh adjacent park, next to the mountains. 

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