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Singapura, Bali, Vietnam and China
Singapura, Bali, Vietnam and China
Average Flight Price
2000 $
Price per night, 5 Stars Hotel 143 $
Price per night, 4 Stars Hotel 86 $
Price per night, 3 Stars Hotel 57 $
Average price per person including
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Flight + nights stay in a star hotel / double room, is 

Taking a trip to Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and China is a dream for those who love the exotic and mystical Buddhist culture. This is undoubtedly one of the favorite circuits of Bananatrips. Our proposal begins with the hustle and bustle of Singapore. There you can rest from jet-lag and make excellent purchases (but not many because it has more choices in Hong Kong).

At the end of two days fly directly to Bali. Depending on the arrival time of the flight may be a cheaper hotel in Kuta or follow direct to Ubud which is in the mountains about 45 kms from the airport. The option of renting a car is essential as the rates are very low and allows you greater mobility. Note the intense traffic of motorcycles / scooters across the island.
With the choice of hotels in the Bananatrips your stay in Ubud will be remembered for a lifetime. It is a heavenly place and unforgettable. 4 day stay is minimal.
After Ubud the next destination is Manggis. Lies in the southeast of the island and is a place with few tourists but with excellent 5 star hotels. We decided to purposely avoid the beaches of Kuta because they are full of mega hotel units, it is not possible to feel the atmosphere of Bali. Stay in Manggis 5 days at least.
It's time to fly to Vietnam and start another chapter of this trip. An ancient culture awaits you. The first destination is Ho Chi Min City (formerly Saigon). Here it is best to opt for units 5 stars because they are the ones that have better quality / price ratio. If you are a true lover of adventure, rent a scooter to stroll and explore the city. You will see that it is not so difficult to circulate in the middle of hundreds of Vietnamese mounted on their scooters furious.
Buy a full day tour to the Mekong Delta and another to Cuchi tunnels. In Saigon 3 nights will be sufficient.
Then fly to the ancient imperial city of Hue where we recommend staying one night.
Fly from Hue to Hanoi capital where you can also rent a scooter to get around. We recommend buying a cruise for two to three days in Halong Bay
Finally the trip ends in Hong Kong, fantastic city where we advise to spend the last euro.
Travel days - 24 approx.
Air travel (7) - London - Singapore, Singapore - Bali, Bali - Saigon (via Singapore), Saigon - Hue, Hue - Hanoi, Hanoi - Hong Kong, Hong Kong - London
Places to visit:
Singapore - 2 days
 Ubud - 4 days
Manggis - 5 days
Saigon - 3 days
Hue - 2 days
Hanoi - 2 days
Halong Bay - 3 days
Hong Kong - 3 days
Hotels Category - 4 and 5 star
Total price of flights - € 1700 approx
Price per person hotel - € 2,000
Car Rental in Bali for 10 days - 180 €
Estimated total value of the trip per person including flights, hotels and food - € 2500

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