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Local tours @ Berlin (3)

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Downfall 1945 Tour
2 years ago

A chronological journey starting at the Benderblock (the former Wermacht military headquarters) we trace the end of the Nazi Regime in Berlin using the July 1944 bomb plot as the starting point. In little over 10 months later the war was over culminating with the Soviet assault on “Fortress Berlin” in April 1945. The crossing of the River Spree and final assault upon Reichstag and Government District district marked the symbolic end of the War in Europe, a war which was strategically over a long time before then.

The context, tactics and aftermaths of these events are discussed with the aid of maps, plans, photos and other documentary sources whilst visiting the sites which include Benderblock (former Wermacht Headquarters), site of the New Reichs Chancellery and site of Hitler’s bunker, the Soviet War Memorial, and the Reichstag.

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