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Considered one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal, Sintra presents herself to the visitor through its many charms - a city of palaces and castles, mountain and sea views, writers and poets. 

Lord Byron devoted considerable attention to the landscape of Sintra when he named it the "Glorious Eden". As well as, William Beckford, the painters William Burnett and Van Eyck or Hans Christian Andersen, which compared the forests of Sintra to his distant and beloved Denmark. 

"Every foreigner in Sintra can find a piece of their homeland. I found here Denmark ..." Hans Christian Andersen 


Romantic, mystical, nostalgic and bucolic. Sintra is all this and more, making it an unforgettable experience for any tourist, Portuguese or foreign. 

Sintra offers a rich historic center and symbol of the romantic movement. At the top of the lush Sierra Pena lurking as the Palaces of Montesserat several estates and stately as the Clock, with its neo-Moorish palace. 

The Pena Palace is the most complete and notable example of Portuguese Romantic architecture. Built about 500 meters high, dating back to 1839 when King Ferdinand of Saxe Coburg-Gotha (1816-1885), bought the ruins of the Monastery of Our Lady of Jerome Pena and began to adapt the palace. 

Quinta da Regaleira is one of the most mystical places in Sintra, for its historic importance and role in the rituals of Freemasonry, and a descent into the monumental core pit initiation by a huge spiral staircase. Also the adventures of the Knights Templar are invoked in Regaleira among endless mists and mysteries.


Departing from Lisbon, the fastest means of transport is the way to Sintra rail. The trains of the railway company CP are very common along this trail, especially at peak times. You can get them at the stations of Roma / Areeiro, Entre-Campos, Sete-Rios station or on the Rossio, Lisbon's historic center. 


Sintra is worth many visits. It is a city for all seasons. 


The center of Sintra is known easily on foot, but to see more distant places  transports are available. In the case of the Pena Palace there is a bus leaving the railway station and passing through the historic center. At the railway station there is a tourism office where you can find all the information necessary for your visit to Sintra.

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