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Puerto Montt
Local tours @ Puerto Montt (2)

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3 years ago
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We will depart from Puerto Montt in the direction of the downtown to visit the Main Square and admire the built-in larchwood Cathedral.

Later, we will visit a Viewpoint in the high zone for a panoramic view of the city and the Reloncaví Sound.

We will depart toward the north through Highway 5 to enter in the industrial city of Llanquihue and start a trip going along the edge of the second largest lake in Chile and the third largest in South America. The landscapes of this place are beautiful and amazing.

After going along the edge of the lake, we will travel through fields to see meadows, sown lands, fruit trees, berries and livestock especially bred for meat and milk production.

In addition, we will visit a place to see the initial salmon breeding process, all this surrounded by exuberant nature.

Next, we will go around the Punta Larga peninsula, a place known as the "Chilean Switzerland", where you will see some great vacation buildings, and beautiful parks and flowers.

Later, we will get to Frutillar, a lovely beautiful-beach city. In that place it is possible to notice at first sight the German colonization influence on the city, especially in terms of home buildings and well-grown rose, dahlia and hydrangea gardens abounding everywhere.

Next, in the direction of the north we will get to the city of Puerto Octay, which was part of the German colonization too, being this the northest point of the Llanquihue lake.

From this place, we will travel toward the east, in the direction of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, the oldest and also the largest park in Chile. From

the foot of the Osorno volcano we will go through a paved road up to the Centro de Esquí Volcán Osorno, located at 1,400 meters above the sea, to enjoy this place, a panoramic view of the whole lake and the valley of the Petrohué river.

Later, we will go down through the lava fields to continue going around the southern side of the volcano, which way will lead us to the Petrohué Waterfalls, a unique place in the park, where the nature of forests typical of the south of Chile combines with the torrential river flowing over volcanic rocks from so many eruptions taken place in the last centuries.

From this place, we will follow the way back via the southern edge of the lake in the direction of Puerto Varas, known as the "City of Roses", where you can walk down its well decorated and clean streets and boardwalk, which make it a tourist-face and lovely city.

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